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January 29, 2010
Confidence Lost
February 6, 2010

Take my FREE Absolute Confidence quiz!

If you have low confidence, you are depriving yourself of happiness, success and the pleasure of living your life to the fullest! Find out how confident you are right now.

Take this FREE Absolute Confidence quiz!

  1. Do you trust yourself and your abilities?

  2. Do you know all aspects of yourself?

  3. Do you like yourself?

  4. Do you love yourself?

  5. Do you think you can change things that you don't like about yourself?

  6. Are you hard on yourself?

  7. Do you believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to?

  8. When someone compliments you on your appearance, do you:

  9. Do you care what people say about you behind your back?

  10. Do you feel happy about your life so far?

  11. Do you have feelings of hopelessness?

  12. Do you believe that the difficult times are only temporary?

  13. How often do you look in the mirror and like what you see?

  14. Are you uncomfortable asking for things you want?

  15. Are you able to stand up for yourself?

  16. Do you make yourself and your needs a priority?

  17. Do you share your thoughts and opinions with other people?

  18. Do you like to please other people and look forward to getting their approval?

  19. Are you able to participate in social situations?

  20. Do you exercise regularly and take care of your body?

Thank you for completing the Absolute Confidence quiz.

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