Confidence is The One Quality Too Many Women Lack

by Debbie Messemer, managing partner at KPMG San Francisco

“I wish I would have learned to be confident and stand up for my beliefs. Just to never be afraid of what others think,” a respondent from KPMG Women’s Leadership survey.

Women in today’s workplace are facing a dilemma: while the opportunities for advancement to leadership roles has grown significantly, some women say they find it hard to see themselves as leaders.

KPMG conducted a women’s leadership study that found confidence is an important, though elusive, characteristic for many women seeking advancement in the workplace,  because 63 % said that confidence is a top characteristic of leaders, but six out of 10 women said they find it hard to see themselves as leaders.  😥

How can companies help women overcome this disconnect to be more successful in their careers? One suggestion is to ensure that the resources and initiatives that can help advance women are made available, or bolstered, where they are lacking. And this is where the importance of women (and men) leaders comes into play. The study’s findings suggest that positive role models, a strong professional network, and leadership training can help build confidence

The environment for advancing women into leadership roles in the workplace has never been more positive for women at all levels, with an increased desire by senior leaders to advance and prepare women for leadership roles. To help more women take advantage of this momentum and succeed in the workplace, we cannot forget the importance of confidence building.


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