Confidence Coaching Success with Melissa Jordanson

“Suzanne, you were exactly what I was needing in my life, but at the time I had no idea about your work or how profoundly you were going to help me.

About a year ago, one desperate Monday morning while at a job that I hated, I started surfing the Internet (as was the norm for me for the past several years in a row) for some kind of help. I realized that I was so sick and tired of starting yet another crappy week that I was not looking forward to. I was searching for something, but I didn’t even know what I was searching for at the time.
I Googled: “help with my self confidence workshop” and there was your website on the first page. I was immediately drawn to you and your website. There was so much information! For the first time in years I read an entire website and watched the videos of someone who really sounded knowledgeable, genuine, and that really knew what they were talking about.  And more importantly what you wrote about and what your past clients said on this very page on your website spoke to me in such a profound way. I truly felt like you knew what my problems were and had helped women who were just like me. I had such a sense of relief. I distinctly remember saying to myself: “Oh my God, maybe she could really help me?!”

Previously, I had spent many years and way too much money on other “self help services” that did not actually help me at all. Therapy and counseling was simply a place for me to talk about and re-live my past, but I was never given any real information or tools to create change and take positive action.

Not until I had my first conversation with you, was I able to realize how different what you do is and that it was what I was needing all these years. I’m so grateful to you for and all the work you do!

Sometimes I stop and think to myself about how my life would be in the exact same place that it was (filled with such negativity, sadness and regrets) had I not had the courage at that time to contact you and speak with you and become one of your clients and done the work that brought me to the happy place I am now. It’s so wonderful to be the person I am now. I am 100% positive that I would be in the same miserable, unhappy, unfulfilled, unproductive place that I was stuck in for the past 15 years if I had not taken action and reached out to you during those crucial moments when I felt inspired while reading through your website.

Now, thankfully my life is completely different. I love who I am and I have new outlook on myself and my life. I am beginning a new career that I am passionate about and I’m making new friends all the time while doing things that I enjoy. Ask me a year ago if I would be writing this kind of testimonial, I would have laughed and said that was impossible. Suzanne you make the impossible POSSIBLE!
I cannot say enough good things about you.
You have inspired me and taught me to become the confident woman I am today.
You have inspired me and taught me to let go of the ridiculous and in-authentic expectations I was trying to live up to.
You have inspired me to become a Life Coach, which is so very exciting!
If I can help just one person the way you have helped me I will be extremely fulfilled and feel like my life is “on purpose” as you always say 🙂

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being You and for all you do.”

– Melissa Jordanson


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