Comfort Zone~6 TIPS on How to Bust Out Of It!

One fact about us humans is that we are all creatures of habit and most people like things JUST the way they are, even if those things cause frustration and stress.

And when we just do the same things, and keep things just the way they are, it causes people to settle for far less than they’re capable of.

Let me tell you 2 things you NEED to know about your comfort zone…

#1 – You comfort zone is like a BOX. You are inside that box, it’s all taped up, it’s dark in there, and you can’t see all the incredible things that are WAITING for you just outside that box.

#2 – Your comfort zone is a boring place to be!

Your comfort zone is comfortable because it’s where you know what to expect, it’s “easier” and you can avoid change.

All of which bring you no excitement and nothing to look forward to.

People’s comfort zones keeps them doing the same old things they’ve been doing, even when those things are no longer serving them.

What keeping you comfortable is also keeping you stuck and ruining your possibilities of the awesome life you COULD be creating!

  • Why do some women spend years in a job they hate, complaining endlessly but never, ever leaving?
  •  Why do some women stay in unhealthy or even abusive relationships?

It’s because they are stuck in their comfort zone and our fearful of the unknown and of change.
But, change is SOO rewarding!!
Change will bring you growth, transformation, learning, and present you with much better opportunities.

Unfortunately, most people will NOT leave their comfort zone until a life-changing event happens that forces them outside of it.

Maybe it’s losing their job, or a relationship ends.

Do NOT wait for these kinds of negative experiences to happen in order to make positive changes for yourself.
Because you miss out on so many things in life!

Get CURIOUS about the world and YOUR life! When you do the unusual thing regularly, you discover a ton of new and exciting things. And that will create more curiosity about what else is out there that you haven’t discovered just yet.

Check out my video all about Comfort Zone and my 6 Tips on How to Bust Out Of It!



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