Choose Happiness!

I am inspired to write this article today because of the past few days where I encountered many unhappy, grumpy people. It is really unfortunate that unhappy people are constantly projecting toxic energy to the rest of the people they come in contact with and some do not even realize how negative they are. They complain, place blame and make excuses for the way that they are. I had a few draining experiences recently with people that I refer to as “Emotional Vampires” and I had to share my thoughts with you on this very important topic.

Ultimately, every human being is trying to achieve the same thing.  A feeling of happiness!

I grew up with two great role models of happiness. My Omi and my Dad.  Even after having prostate cancer surgery a year ago, my Dad is the consummate happy-go-lucky person that I look up to and I wish everyone on this planet could be more like. He wakes up EVERY day in a great mood and with the same happy smile on his face; always eager to chat it up with anyone and everyone around him. My Omi was the same way. She lived alone on the other side of the country in Toronto and was widowed for over 20 years, but nevertheless, when I visited her only once or twice a year, she was always very happy (a little too happy sometimes when it was 5am, and she was singing loudly each and every morning).

Every action we take in life is designed to change the way we feel. Most people would agree that they really want to be able to feel good about themselves and feel happy. Unfortunately in many cases the way many people are living their lives does not make them feel happy so they turn to destructive behaviours to help change the way we feel, like distracting themselves by watching too much television, surfing the internet for countless hours, smoking, overeating, sleeping too much, partying, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and the list goes on and on.

Seeking short-term pleasures to change the way we feel because your life does not give the feeling of authentic happiness.  Short-term pleasures equal “instant happiness” but unfortunately most short-term pleasures lead to long-term destruction; destruction of our physical life, our professional life, our financial life, our relationships with family and friends, and our spiritual life.  And many destructive behaviors lead to some sort of addiction – a short-term pleasure with a long-term disaster.

A confident woman is a happy woman! She recognizes and appreciates the fact that being happy and grateful creates more happiness and more things to be thankful for. The law of attraction works wonders when we are in a happier state of mind.

Being happy is like having a lucky charm, which attracts people to us, helps us handle challenges and embrace opportunities. Happy people appreciate what they have, get more done quickly, live longer, have better health, attract great relationships and enjoy their lives more.

How do you know that a person is happy? The obvious signs are when they are smiling or laughing. Someone who laughs a lot simply keeps the channels to joy open.

Learn to laugh at yourself and find humor in testing situations. Life is full of challenges and if you take them too seriously it is easy to become frustrated and depressed. It is important to develop a sense of humor and to see the quirkiness of life.

Being open minded can expose you to wonderful new opportunities and give you a unique perspective on life. You can find creative solutions to many stressful situations and maintain a state of internal happiness if you have the flexibility to consider new things and embrace change. Make a commitment to be happy. Recognize that you can choose to be happy and regularly affirm to yourself that happiness is your right. Spend some time discovering what makes you happy and then make these things a priority.
Treat yourself the way you would treat the most important person in your life BECAUSE YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE!
  • To be happy you need to learn to appreciate, be kind and loving to yourself.
  • If you make a mistake, forgive yourself.
  • Think of challenges and mistakes as learning experiences and move on.
  • When you experience success, celebrate it!

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