Beyoncé says: “Self-confidence is sexy!”

In an April 2011 interview for the U.K. edition of Cosmopolitan Beyoncé revealed that the key to
sexiness is self-confidence because it is not enough to just be pretty.  beyonce-uk-cosmo

“The most attractive quality a woman can have is self-confidence. You can be pretty but if you’re not confident you don’t come across as sexy.” says Beyoncé.

According to the singer, you have to know how to come across to people: “You have to feel good about yourself so that others feel good about you. Don’t focus on the unattractive details, work on the parts you like”.

For Beyoncé the parts of her body that she likes least are her arms and legs, which she has to keep regularly toned in order to not lose her spectacular figure. “It takes work believe me.” she admitted.

But  it is not all exercise routines and sacrifice. Beyoncé is also aware of the importance of rewarding herself and indulging in her weaknesses, “I love my butter pecan ice cream,” she says, “but I also love to work out. We all have our issues.”

She also shared her tips for feeling sensual: “I love a pair of high, sexy stilettos with a beautiful dress.

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