Confidence Coaching Success with Beverly Stone.

“Before I started working with Suzanne I was a very negative person who was expected to fail at everything I attempted.  I did not feel worthy of any praise. I was unhappy, and very insecure about myself and my life.

I avoided talking to strangers and did not talk a lot to anyone else either.  I realized that people around me did not enjoy my company.  I really wanted to have self confidence so people would enjoy being around me. 

I attended Suzanne Fetting’s Absolute Confidence Workshop in 2010 and that night I signed on to have Personal Confidence Coaching sessions and to become a client of hers. In a very short time after working with Suzanne she gave me the tools to change my life. 

Suzanne made me feel comfortable, she is very easy to talk to, encouraging, supportive, spoke to me like a friend who always cared about what happened to me. 

She is a happy, inspirational person who changed my life.  I now look forward to being with friends, making new friends and also speaking to strangers I meet at parties, events and even in a store.  I think most women could benefit from Suzanne’s confidence coaching.”

– Beverly Stone.

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