Be Direct!

Unassertive people will beat around the bush, talk in circles, and hint about how they feel, instead of being direct and getting to their point of the conversation.


There is a common misconception that we have to give long-winded reasons and excuses for why we want or do not want something. We don’t –in fact, the more you talk, the worse it is!



These are some false beliefs about being direct, which of these do you believe?

  • I will upset other people.
  • I will appear selfish or arrogant.
  • I will inconvenience other people by asking.
  • I will not be liked if I am direct.

All these beliefs are false and in fact the opposite is often true, because when you are not direct, you:
•confuse and frustrate other people by not saying what you want
•deny others the opportunity to help you
•appear insecure and oversensitive
•inconvenience people because they have to spend time figuring out how not to offend you

A confident person is direct in their communication.
Being direct is a straightforward technique. When you want something, get straight to the point and you ask for it. Being direct is being honest and shows integrity.



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