Authentic Self: Are you Actor?

If someone asks you: Who are you? How would you reply?

When my clients come to me they are unable to answer that question. We are not taught to learn and understand who we really, truly are. Our authentic self. Not who the world has told you to be. Not who your parents want you to be. Not what society tells you to be.

Are you living a life that is more in alignment with your “authentic self” (who you were created to be) or your “artificial self” (who the outside world has told you to be)?

As children we became actors. And for many people they keep on acting throughout their whole life.

Human beings are great actors and play roles all the time, pretending to be someone that they are not. Acting super nice, acting like they’re not upset, acting funny, acting tough, and acting in a way to be liked and accepted by others.

Authenticity is such a wonderful thing!

I define authenticity as the quality of being real and genuine, not fake or artificial.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being their authentic self.

Have you ever met a really authentic person? If you have, you’d definitely know it, they are different.

Authentic people are like magnets, attracting people’s interest and attention, and easily drawing people to them. And they aren’t concerned or worry about what other people might think of them. They like and accept themselves, and have a “What you see is what you get” attitude. It is very powerful!

On the flip side, when people are disconnected from their authentic self, they are unhappy and unfulfilled, and the people around them can see it. Being disconnected from your authentic self is a major cause of unhappiness, stress and anxiety. A lot of people do not show others their authentic self for various reasons, 8 reasons to be exact!) but the 2 most common reasons are because of a lack of self-awareness and also because they typically fear that if people find out their weaknesses and faults they might not be accepted or loved. But guess what? Everyone has them and if you are trying to be someone you’re not it is draining and unhealthy.

By living your life as your artificial self, you are unaware of and ignoring your values, talents, gifts and purpose, as you robotically act out the roles that were given to you.

If you enjoy things are different and unique, EMBRACE THEM! When I was younger, I was disconnected from my authentic self, which was a tomboy. I always loved sports, motorcycles, building things, thrill seeking adventures, etc, etc. But I was confused because I am also a girly-girl. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s where I really started to appreciate that I was different and make a serious effort to pursue all my interests even when people would make fun of me and question why I was doing the things I was doing. I realized that what they thought of me is NONE of my business. It’s my business to make sure I am living my life for me, based on who I really am.

When you come from a place of authenticity and are just being yourself, the quality of people you attract into your life is completely different. When you are willing to show others who you really are, you give them the opportunity to expose their authentic selves too. It is a beautiful thing!

Here’s some questions to get you thinking about your authentic self:

  1. What do you really like and dislike?
  2. What can you do really well?
  3. What are your skills, talents, gifts, passions?
  4. Are you thinking in a way that society has trained you to?
  5. Are you behaving in a way that society has trained you to?
  6. What daily thoughts do you have that prevent you from being authentic?
  7. What would be doing with your life if you could do and be anything and know you would not fail?


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