6 Ways How Travelling Builds Confidence

I LOVE travelling for so many reasons…experiencing new places,  new things, different people and cultures. This is REEEEEALLY living life, for me! 😀

Exploring different cultures, languages, food and so much of the unknown it’s such a fantastic way to learn about other parts of the world and it’s also a fantastic way to learn about yourself and build your confidence, especially if you travel alone.

I spent this Summer travelling to The Czech Republic and Germany (mostly Prague and Berlin) and had the most AMAZING time! It inspired me to write about the importance of travelling and how greatly it impacts our confidence.

There’s tons of reasons why it’s so beneficial, and I’ve come up with my top 6 reasons why. Check it out, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

#1) Travelling requires a LOT of problem solving
The reality is that the adventures you have planed for, won’t always run smoothly and it’s impossible to prepare for everything.

Maybe your luggage is lost, maybe you miss your connecting flight, maybe the weather turns to crap, maybe you don’t speak the language, –but with CONFIDENCE you can get through it all!

  • You will find ways to communicate even though there’s a language barrier
  • You will ask other people where’s the best place to stay
  • You’ll have to speak up for yourself, ask for what you need, and make sure that the airline delivers your luggage to you –wherever you are!

That’s the magic of travelling! It requires you to solve problems and to be assertive to the challenges you will be faced with.

#2) Travelling requires making confident decisions
You’re going to be making choices for yourself and what YOU want.

You’ll be forced to think on your feet! YAY! 😀

Travelling puts you in circumstance where you need to dig deep to figure out what feels right for you, (your authentic self) and what you really want out of your adventure.

#3) Travel forces you outside of your comfort zone
When we travel, the walls around us expand and our world gets SOOOO much bigger. It’s such an AWESOME feeling! The way we see the world totally changes because we’re faced with so many unknowns –new people, ideas, languages, cultures, and a new ways of doing things. The more you’re faced with the unknown, the more you have to adapt to it –going through these challenges will ABSOLUTELY build your CONFIDENCE!

#4) Travel requires flexibility
As a confident traveller, you need to be open minded and flexible about experiences that are different from your typical day and your typical way of living your life.
If you’re someone that tends to be more ridged and structured, this can be very challenging.

When things don’t go as planned (and they DO!) you’ve got to be flexible and open-minded.

You’re forced to be more positive about situations you wouldn’t normally be in, new situations and places, you’ll cultivate a ton of new confident mindsets to manage all of the inevitable challenges that travelling will throw at you.

As a result, this will make you more confident in your own abilities to cope when things don’t go as planned in your daily life.

#5) Travelling forces you to break through the limiting beliefs you have about yourself
“I can’t do that”
“I’m gonna get lost”
“I’m not know what to do”
“I would never eat that”
“I’m just not that type of person”

Travelling challenges the beliefs you have about yourself –who you are and what you can do. If you are typically more introverted, and shy you’ll quickly learn that travelling forces you to meet new people and make friends that will last you a life time.

#6) Travelling makes you become very self-aware
The 1st component of Absolute Confidence (Check out my e-book HERE )
In all of my talks and with my clients, I always say:  “You HAVE TO know who you are and know what you want in order to start building absolute confidence.”

Unfortunately, we are not taught this as children and even if we start the process as adults, if we (like moat of us women do!) –get stuck in a daily routine, get distracted, are usually helping others, then the result is that we stop learning about ourselves, which makes it extremely difficult to have confidence.

If you;re reading this post, I can help you! Learn how to become more confident, more independent and a lot more adventurous! 😀

Check out some pics from my most recent trip:

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Travelling and building your confidence

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