6 Habits of Confident Women

We make our habits, then our habits make us!

The more negative habits you have the more you’ll stay STUCK in the same place.
The more POSITIVE habits you have, the more success and confidence you will have.
Habits are important because we can’t rely on motivation.
Motivation comes and it goes.
When motivation goes away you have to have discipline, discipline manifests itself as A HABIT. The more negative habits you have the more you’ll stay stuck in your comfort zone. (check out my blog post all about Comfort Zone HERE)

Habits form through repetition when our routines and thought patterns become cemented into place.

Think of when you were younger, the way that you learned anything was to keep doing the same thing over and over again, therefore creating a habitual way of doing something.

What’s really great about habits is that once they are formed and engrained in your subconscious mind, they started to make really difficult things much easier to do.

But if you’re struggling with several bad habits, you can get excited because the good news is that any habit can be broken! And since you are always free to choose, you can make new choices and decisions today that will determine what happens to you in the future.

You can learn how to have confident habits too, just as you can learn any other skill!

Here are my top 6 habits of a confident woman:

#1 ~ Use Positive Affirmations
Have several positive sentences that you repeat to yourself many times throughout your day.

It’s a very powerful way to program the subconscious mind and create action.

Use positive words to describe what you want to have happen and say it with feeling and conviction.

#2 ~Acknowledge Your Successes
Confident women make the time to recognize their successes and be grateful for what they have already accomplished in their lives.
Make a list of all the successes, achievements and accomplishments, anything you are proud of yourself for, no matter how big or how small they are.

#3 ~ Set Goals, Take Risks and Take ACTION!
Set some goals that are stretch, that forces you to get outside if your comfort zone.

Try new things! Learn a new skill or try a new hobby.
Take small steps –goals that are broken down into several steps make them more achievable.
When achieving those smaller goals, that build upon one another, you WILL start to build confidence!

One thing that confident people do is take action!
What actions are you going to take today to get you closer to being happier and more confident?

#4 ~ Manage Your Mind
Confidence is a state of mind. You want to get to a place where you are able to CONTROL your mind so your mind isn’t controlling YOU!
There’s nothing more important than your state of mind.

Your mental health is SO IMPORTANT and being that confidence is a state of mind it’s absolutely essential that you learn how be mindful.

Whenever you bring awareness to what you’re directly experiencing with your senses, or to your state of mind (with your thoughts) THAT IS YOU being mindful. 

#5 ~ Surround yourself with like-minded people that share your core values and treat us with respect that we deserve.

Confident people to not keep friendships with others that do not value our friendship, and we do not stay in relationships where we do not feel like we’re being treated the way that we deserve!

#6 ~ SMILE! 😀
Confident women are happy women, so they smile!  😀

We say a lot through our facial expressions.
Our face tells others how interested we are, how alert we are, if we are in agreement or not, if we are confident or insecure, if we are upset, or happy or relaxed.
The best facial expression we can have is a smile!
Show others that you are confident and approachable –make a conscious effort to SMILE often. 😀

Check out my video where I dive into a lot more details about habits, why they’re so important and the 6 Habits of Confident Women:

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