5 Ways To Be Happier This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to You! 😀 While we’re all striving for happiness, sometimes it gets derailed with the stress and pressures that also come with the holidays. But it’s important to remember that authentic happiness is not waiting for you under the tree. This Christmas, I challenge you to put less emphasis on gifts, and more emphasis on the things that truly mean the most to you. And although we all benefit from alone time, many studies show that we are happier when we are connecting with others. So be sure to do both! Here’s my top 5 tips to be happy during the holiday season:

1) Have an intimate “Coffee, Cider & Cookies Date” so you can really connect with your close friends. Don’t stress about having your place be SUPER clean. If you’re inviting your true friends over, it really doesn’t matter. Light a few candles, burn holiday scented essential oils, turn on the Christmas tree lights. Set the table with some Christmas ornaments, put out coffee mugs, a pot of cider, a pot of coffee, some cream & sugar and a plate of festive treats.

2) Get Outside With snowy nights and holiday lights, the scenery is amazing at this time of year. Make the time and get outside and enjoy it! Go for a “Winter Wonderland Walk”. Go to a local festive place and take in the beautiful lights, the fresh cool air, this will create the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation.

Go out and explore on your own, with someone you love  –and let the crisp fresh air clear your mind and invigorate your body. Getting out for a walk is more than just a mood booster. Did you know walking in the cold helps to burn more calories? Our body works harder to maintain our core temperature, making a winter stroll a more effective form of exercise.

3) Get Lotsa Rest Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I LOVE (and very much need!) my 8-9 hours of sleep each night. All year round it is imperative that you take care of YOU and your needs –before everyone else.  But during the holiday season it can be more challenging. So make sure you remind yourself and manage your time effectively so that you get the sleep, nutrition, exercise and rest you need. Just like the flight attendants say during the emergency instructions on a plane: Put the mask on YOURSELF first, then help the next person.

4) Give The Gift Of Time The holiday season can create a lot of pressure to find the perfect gifts, spend too much money and, for some, start the new year with debt. 🙁 Giving, however, comes in many forms. The most precious resource we can share with people is our time. You can’t buy it, and you never get it back. Time is very precious! Creating beautiful, festive memories doesn’t have to involve spending money! It can be more fulfilling focusing on spending quality time and making awesome memories together Also, consider donating your time and volunteer for a charity or cause that you believe in.

5) Indulge In A Few Holiday Treats T’is the season for yummy treats that we don’t get to enjoy all year round. It’s important to find balance this season and enjoy a holiday treat, but don’t go overboard  😉

It can be difficult to refrain from all the yummy goodies, but it can be done! Here’s how: create healthier spins on your favourite recipes, give yourself permission to treat yourself with a limit, or simply say ‘no’… a very powerful word that a lot women need to be good at saying all year round.  

😀 Happy, Happy Holidays to You!  😀  

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