5 Reasons Why You DON’T Use Your Voice & Speak Up for Yourself

The #1 reason is because you’re used to being TOO nice and TOO polite.
These are limiting beliefs that we formed as a child have because of how you’ve been conditioned. (We all were!)
The messages that you received from your parents and in school:
– Be quiet, be seen not be heard
– You’re just a kid, what you have to say is not important
– Sit down and stop talking
– Raise your hand
– Wait your turn

As a child, you likely wanted to express yourself, but were shut down told not to speak up and then you started to believe that what you have to say isn’t very important.
As an adult that believe it’s still in with you!

Reason #2) You think you have to be 100% right or say perfect thing

Reason #3) Fear of conflict or of being rude

Reason #4) Make sure everyone gets along, and “Don’t rock the boat.”

Reason #5) Belief that being assertive is being a “Bitch”

Check out my video where I go into more detail:


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