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Friday, November 27, 2015


Confidence Quiz

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Absolute Confidence is…

Tweet • Unconditionally trusting your abilities, your decisions and your intuition. ... 

Tips for Building Self-Confidence

Tweet #1 – Get a confidence coach or a mentor! Spend time every day with confident... 

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E-Course – Absolute Confidence Online E-Learning Course

Tweet Absolute Confidence Online Workshop I have been teaching my Absolute Confidence... 

E-Book – “The 10 Components of Confidence”

Tweet Learn what Absolute Confidence is all about! Confidence is not just being... 

High Heel Appeal DVD

Tweet Learn how to walk in high heels in the privacy of your own home. Turn every... 

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Self-Worth: How can I develop my self-worth? worth

Tweet If you don’t fully accept and love yourself as you are, you are more likely to compare yourself to others as a way of artificially boosting your feeling of self-worth.   In today’s world, women are often victims of bullying, critical judgment, and peer pressure. The question that many women ask is, how can I develop self worth? The answer... [Read more...]

My Motorcycle Road Trip Along The Sunshine Coast, B.C. highway-sm

Tweet We’ve been blessed with such beautiful sunny, warm weather this whole year here in in Vancouver, B.C. and now we are also lucky enough to be having an Indian Summer! YAY! Makes for a perfect time of year to pack up my furry son DeeOgee, load up my bike and head out to one of the most beautiful parts of our province The Sunshine Coast is... [Read more...]

Spend Your Money On Experiences Instead Of Things, You’ll Be Much Happier __thailan-collage

Tweet Life is about memories, not diamonds! When it’s payday and that direct deposit hits your account, you tend to swipe your card more in a day than your thumb swipes through Facebook, Instagram and Tinder combined. The instant gratification that comes along with the hefty price tags on new clothes, trendy sneakers and expensive jewelry is satisfying... [Read more...]

7 Ways To Keep It Together When You Want To Fall Apart woman-sad-stressed

Tweet By: Julie Rainbow Life isn’t always fair. Accidents happen, marriages end, businesses fail and loved ones pass on. When your world crumbles, it’s difficult to keep yourself intact. Believe me: I’ve been there. After the financial betrayal of my ex-husband, I lost my award-winning business, went bankrupt and had to accept that my marriage... [Read more...]

Impostor Syndrome: Natalie Portman Acknowledges What Many Of Us Feel nathalie-portmann

Tweet Many of us have felt, at some point, that we haven’t truly earned our accomplishments. Part of impostor syndrome’s power is believing that the ultra-successful never feel like frauds. Well, the next time you feel that way, consider Natalie Portman’s speech to graduating Harvard seniors. During the Class Day address Wednesday, Portman revealed... [Read more...]

The Absolute Confidence & Self-Esteem Workshop

Tweet The Absolute Confidence Workshop is an empowering introduction to a new life of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, achievements and fulfillment.                  Are you the shy woman pretending to be happy who doesn’t KNOW who she really is or WHAT she really wants? Are you tired of... [Read more...]

How to Project Absolute Confidence boardroom - Copy

Tweet When a confident person enters a business or social situation, they exude and project confidence, therefore they are displaying to other people that they have a feeling of certainty and self-assurance which they are subconsciously projecting and expecting from others in their presence. We are constantly attracting whatever we are projecting based... [Read more...]

7 Ways To Overcome Your Fears red-riding

Tweet Fear is an emotion that is learned and is a conditioned response. We learn it either through our own experiences or from other people. Experiencing fear from time to time is totally normal but when it prevents us from taking healthy risks or if it creates health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and high blood pressure, it can become physically... [Read more...]

Absolute Confidence is a State of Mind state-mind

Tweet Confidence is a state of mind.  We attract into our lives anything that we give our attention to, regardless whether it’s positive or negative. So, it’s really important that the thoughts you have and the words you say are in alignment with the positive results you want to have. If you have negative thoughts and negative expectations,... [Read more...]

7 Tips For Overcoming Shyness shy_girl

Tweet   Shyness is a feeling that most people have experienced. Whether it be mild or extreme, shyness is that feeling of being awkward, uncomfortable or scared in social situations. Many of my clients suffer from shyness or social anxiety. They are unable to speak up and share their thoughts and opinions with other people and they hate the idea... [Read more...]

Self Acceptance: How can I learn to accept myself? discover-who-you-are

Tweet Self-acceptance is very powerful and a very important component in having self-confidence. I’ve had several clients say to me: “How can I learn to accept myself, when I know there’s things about me I don’t like?” One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about self-acceptance, is that self-acceptance means liking everything... [Read more...]

10 Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship emotional abuse

Tweet Both men and women can be victims of emotional abuse. It is important to remember that while emotional abuse is often thought of as being committed by a man against a woman, women can also emotionally abuse men, or between members of a same-sex relationship.  Emotional abuse in any relationship is NOT acceptable. # 1) Isolates You Emotionally... [Read more...]

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