Six Ways to Get More Respect

Create a clear vision.

Picture what you and your life will be like once you’ve implemented your resolution. Make your vision detailed and concrete. This will both fuel your resolve and prepare you to paint compelling pictures for others. Imagine a scene with the new you in it. Describe what you’re seeing and saying, whom you’re talking to – make it concrete. Put the coffee on the stove and the boots by the door in your vision.

Commit to action.

Before you tell anyone what you intend to do, decide what steps you will take to achieve it. Then, measure your resolve. How committed are you? If you’re uncertain, the cynics in your life will pick your plan apart. If you question whether you will do what it takes to succeed, adapt your resolutions until every cell in your body says “This year I WILL…”

Identify your reasons.

Make a list of benefits that motivate you to change. This is the “why.” Say, “I will do this because…” List at least five reasons that inspire you.

Anticipate objections.

Anticipate the protests, belly-aching and doubts that are likely to come your way. If possible, prepare to explain how your changes will benefit your associates. Fill in the phrase, “I understand you’re concerned that (concern.) I (or others) have shared that concern. I know I will succeed because (reasons.) Plan to use the word “because” liberally.

Share your plans with prepared phrases.

Have the phrases ready to use, and adapt as needed. If you lose your focus, just say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it.

Ask for support outright.

Say something like, “I’d really like you to help me succeed here. Can I count on you for support?” Of course there will always be those who are threatened by change and will never respect even a simple declaration and plan of action. Let go of needing to convince anyone. It’s great to have support, but the only person you really need to convince is yourself. These tips will help you convince both yourself and others. Meryl Runion

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