Nothing is More Powerful Than Absolute Confidence!

You really can achieve ANYTHING when you believe in yourself! That’s what absolute confidence is all about –TRUSTING yourself! A woman with absolute confidence knows who she is, believes in herself and her abilities, and will take risks and take action even when the outcome is unknown….very powerful!!!

Being that powerful starts with having self-awareness, knowing all aspects of yourself. A confident woman knows her strengths, talents, gifts, passions, purpose as well as her weaknesses, barriers and faults. She knows what she can do and can’t do and she is realistic about her capabilities.

Confidence is SO powerful and greatly impacts ALL areas of our lives!!

  • Confidence is powerful in the workplace…

Someone who stands tall and proud, carries themselves confidently and displays self-respect and is able to speak their mind will most certainly be successful.

I believe self-confidence is more important than qualifications on paper, than having expensive designer goods, than having a nice car and a big bank account.

I know people who are extremely rich and they are very insecure.

I also know many people who have spent countless dollars on creating an artificial “attractive” appearance who are also insecure.

  • Confidence is powerful in relationships…

Most of us have had to deal with the emotionally exhausting jealous partners or friends. NO FUN AT ALL! 🙁 Jealousy is insecurity. Jealousy is destructive. Jealousy destroys relationships. Confidence on the other hand, builds strong relationships.

The more confidence you have, the more you will be yourself in a relationship. You won’t be worried about trying to fit an ideal that you think your partner or friend wants. Instead you can be your authentic self, and think, speak and behave in a way that is natural and comfortable for you. Trying to maintain different personas in relationships will ultimately make you miserable, stressed out and disconnected to who you truly are. You won’t be living the life you want, because no matter how hard you try, having artificial confidence will not last. Eventually, when the truth comes out, your partner will feel that you haven’t been honest.

We’ve all heard the saying: “To love someone else you have to first love yourself.”

Most people misinterpret that to mean you have be a narcissist to be in a relationship, which is not at all what that saying means. The truth is that someone who has self-love is someone who is has self love, confidence, is happy with themselves, which allows more energy to find happiness with someone else.

  • Confidence is powerful in loving yourself…

Self-love is NOT about being conceited, vain or selfish. All of those words have a very different definition and action than self-love. Someone who has love for themselves is a happy, confident person. There is no need for jealousy and catty behavior. There is open, honest communication because the person with self-confidence ensures than the people around her are respected and that they respect her. With self-respect comes self-love. The most powerful words you can ever say are: “I love myself.”

When was the last time that you looked yourself square in the eyes in the mirror first thing in the morning and told yourself that you loved yourself? We all need to be able to do that!

Spending precious energy, time and money, acquiring what I refer to as “artificial confidence” is such a waste. Why not spend that precious energy and time and money on building your self-confidence? Now that’s energy, time and money well spent!

If you are ready to experience the power of ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE please contact me today!


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