My Winning Wiener WON The 2015 Wiener Dog Races!

Every July at The Hastings Horse Race Track in Vancouver there is a very special event that takes place, one that draws a big crowd and small dogs. Wiener dogs to be exact! My favourite! 😆

I realized that I didn’t make a blog post about the big day, so here it is (better late than not at all, right? 😉 )

On Saturday it was the 1st qualifying race, and DeeOgee FLEW outta the gates, to come in 1st –by a LONG SHOT! YAY! 🙂 ( Check out the video below : Heat #4)

As a result, he was qualified to race the next day in the finals. The 1st place wiener from each of the 8 heats on Saturday come back on Sunday to race against each other.

We were SO excited!!! My DeeOgee WON!  😀

He came in 1st place out of 72 wonderful wieners! He is officially the “TOP DOG 2015” at The Hastings Race Track Wiener Dog Races!  I am such a proud Mommy! <3

We made the 6:00pm Global News! HeeHee! 🙂

P.S. If you wanna see more cute & funny videos of DeeOgee’s antics, check out his Youtube Channel HERE 

Here’s some pics and videos of our BIG day! 😀


We’re on Global News! DeeOgee is the WINNER of 2015 Wiener Dog Races!


We collect our trophies and the CA$H and hang out with and take photos with his fans 🙂


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