Confidence Workshop Success Story ~ Linda P.

“I was able to attend Suzanne Fetting´s confidence building workshop a couple of months ago and was very surprised as to how much I actually learned about myself. Upon arriving to her workshop there was an automatic upbeat positive vibe with some dance music when I entered the room. There were refreshments with a room full of ladies of all ages and races. We were all given a personal workbook and we were able to break the ice and interact with each other in the first exercise.

I was able to learn about self–esteem, core beliefs, positive self–talk, goal setting and mentoring. I felt comfortable and relaxed. Suzanne asked us questions, made the workshop fun and most of all, it seemed as though she genuinely cared. I could tell she put a lot of research and time in the information she was carrying forward and before leaving the workshop, I felt empowered, happy and confident that I could achieve my goals. I also won some great prizes! I am interested in sharpening my confidence skills and taking more of her workshops.”

Linda P.