Confidence Coaching Success with Michelle Sandhu

“Enlightened and Empowered. Those are the two words I felt and still feel after my time with Suzanne. Before I get into those two words I would like to give some context of how I came to know Suzanne and why I hired her.

For years I’ve dealt with anxiety and more recently, depression. I’ve tried counselling and medication, but none of it permanently resolved the issues. I would use them to help relive the pain and suffering but I really didn’t know why I had anxiety and depression.

Last fall, I felt that my job and my personal life were too much to handle and I truly felt that death would be the best solution. My friend had mentioned Suzanne and she explained to me what Suzanne did for her and suggested that I give her services a try. I was definitely interested but I was also hesitant. About a month later I had hit absolute mental rock bottom. I thought, if I don’t do something now, I wont make it. So I hired Suzanne.

Enlightened: Once I start working with Suzanne, I learned SO much about myself and why I do the things that I do. I started to notice negative habits not only in myself, but in other people. Once that happened, I really started to understand not only the importance of confidence but the impact of confidence. Instead of primarily discussing my past, we focused on the present and she showed me the tools I needed to achieve my goals and improve my mental health. I was blind but now I see.

Empowered: With each session, I was challenged to dig deep and learn more and more about myself. The more I learned and the more I grew, I felt empowered. I’m a better person because I learned to love myself and that means I can properly love and care for other people. I understand what I need to do and I have the tools to help me for when I feel unsure of what I need to do.

To wrap things up, I’ll say this: Suzanne is not a quick fix. The work is hard but the rewards will last a life time.

Oh yea I have one other, very important word for you. Confident. I feel confident. Thank you Suzanne- from the bottom of my heart.”

– Michelle Sandhu



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