Confidence Coaching Success with Leslee-Anne

“Six months ago, I felt like I was going through a life crisis not knowing “who I was” or “what I wanted”. Also, feeling like I did not have a purpose until I discovered Absolute Confidence with Suzanne.

Being a mom, a wife and a nurse I felt like a was spreading myself so thin for everyone. I was over run with work, burnt out, stressed out and feeling down. After working with Suzanne, I have become a new and improved version of myself, digging deep into the triggers that caused my anxieties, fears and limiting beliefs. I have peeled the layers of self doubt, criticism and disappointment away. The answer is daily reflection, gratitude and love for my self.

I want to thank Suzanne for being a wonderful mentor.  It has been rewarding becoming a confident person. She has taught me to express myself and explore tools to achieve this success. It has taken time and self discovery.

Suzanne has helped me find my dreams and face life straight on by believing in myself. She has provided constant encouragement and awesome recommendations along with my own hard work. She helped me recognize my strengths. 


– Leslee-Anne Barclay

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