Confidence Coaching Success with Donna Christison

“I am a 57 year old empty nester mother of three amazing wonderful daughters and wife to the love of my life. My daughters saw I was sad and needing help finding my way back to the joyful, optimistic, fun person I used to be. My confidence was low, self esteem low and I was trying too hard to please everyone. My daughters gifted me with the friendship and guidance of Suzanne Fetting and her Absolute Confidence coaching.

Suzanne and I have yet to meet face to face, we talked on the phone weekly and engaged in some lively, encouraging, enlightening, introspective and humorous discussions…all about me! (It will be fun to meet Suzanne in the flesh, which I hope to one day soon.)
Suzanne gave 150 percent in her determination and heartfelt desire to pass on the gift of confidence and the wonderful experience of me being my authentic self without trying, without regret, with absolute joy and passion.

Women grow up trying to be the perfect mom, perfect wife, hardest working employee most giving friend. I was all that and more. It was exhausting and I felt bad about myself when I didn’t feel the love in return. Thru Suzanne I was able to see how all these people pleasing behaviours were causing me to experience negative emotions and behaviours. Suzanne helped me uncover for myself, my core values, my innate gifts, my authentic self. I realized my purpose and meaning in life is to be my sensitive and positive and kind and joyful self. I am so happy to send my positive energy out into the universe, spread it around and receive it back exponentially. I am excited to be able to live my life with honesty and passion, to always be myself, to put fear in it’s place, to shut the door on the past and to live in the present.

I thank you Suzanne for being the most insightful, most supportive, most giving coach and genuinely lovely person I had the good fortune to connect with. And did I say most exuberant, passionate, articulate, smart and fun??. My time with you really was a gift for me, my family and friends.

I encourage anyone who is having a hard time being happy, has lost their confidence or need a reminder of their Absolute Value to talk to Suzanne, your life will only get a whole lot better and happier.” 😀

With love, Donna Christison


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