Confidence Coaching Success With Cirisse Stephen

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my awesome clients and their awesome updates!!! WOO-HOO!!!! 😀 😀

“Hi Suzanne!!! I just saw your new video on Facebook – it’s great and those glasses are fabulous!!

Update from me: I started my clerkship year in the hospital and have been working crazy hours and absolutely loving every minute!!
I know the work we did together has helped me become even more comfortable being a beginner and believing in myself in what is unfortunately to most people an infamous year at beating the crap out of people’s confidence.

So THANK YOU for being awesome and fabulous and coaching me to be more clear on where my values lie and intentional in my actions.

I want to continue our work together, likely in a month once week I start to figure out how I can best fit out sessions into my schedule. So this is a reach out to say you’re amazing and I want to do more work and I’m figuring out how to do this now. Does this plan work for you??

Hope you’re doing well and having an awesome summer!!”

-Cirisse Stephen









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