Confidence Coaching Success with Charlotte Brain

“When I reached out to Suzanne I was a people pleasing manic, running myself ragged and was experiencing anxiety and guilt. It was a day before I had to do a presentation and I had such bad anxiety that I could SEE my pulse even in my stomach. I’m a mother of three children and a nursing student. Going from a stay at home mom to a student was a huge change. I wanted to make sure I could be the best version of myself.
I was tired of experiencing anxiety, not taking opportunities because I didn’t feel confident, committing to doing things for other people that I didn’t want or didn’t have time to do.

Talking with Suzanne and working on myself was one of the best choices I have ever made! Suzanne taught me how to be my authentic self again. I always knew that I needed to make some changes, I even knew a lot of the changes I needed to make. What I didn’t have were the tools to change the things I knew needed changing. Suzanne taught me how to stop being a people pleaser, learning to say ‘no’ so I didn’t end up resentful down the road. I cannot even begin to explain the positive ripple effect that happened in my life after I started working on myself. The life I had been trying so hard to have suddenly started happening.

Thank you Suzanne for your amazing guidance, your never ending support, and the optimism you have helped me create. XOXO”

-Charlotte Brain



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