Confidence Coaching Success with Ada Chow

“I hit a very low point in my life back in October 2020. I had dropped out from the dental hygiene program at my college, I was crying every day, had anxiety, depressed, felt unhappy, and honestly didn’t feel like myself. My sister connected me with Suzanne, since her friend went through Suzanne’s coaching and it had transformed her. I was hesitant at first, since I have never done anything like this before but wow, Suzanne has helped me pick my life back up. 

I worked with Suzanne for over 5 months, and I remember our very first session, Suzanne had asked when was the last time I felt genuinely happy and I said back in 2018 on a family vacation trip and I can proudly say that I feel extremely HAPPY now. Suzanne has helped me with my confidence, how to manage stress, dealing with my anxiety (and guess what, anxiety is just a temporary feeling), learning what my core values were and why I do what I do, learning to let go of the past and to focus on the present, helping me step out of my comfort zone, learning to not care what others think and most importantly learning how to be vulnerable with my loved ones. 

Every Session I had with Suzanne, she would listen to me and coach me through my problem. Suzanne would challenge me to think outside of the box and when I was not being my authentic self she would catch me and call me out on my BS. I loved how every time we spoke she would always relate to what I was going through and that is honestly why I loved working with her. I shared many personal stories with her and she did not once make me doubt myself.

Suzanne has a very unique way of communicating as well and it shocks me sometimes how well Suzanne can change my mood after each session.

As a 20 year old perfectionist I always have the need to be the best, to prove to others that I am capable and the constant need to please others. Well guess what, other people’s opinions don’t matter because I am the most important person in my life and I matter most. Suzanne, Thank You for teaching me that.

One thing I will never forget is that Suzanne has helped me shift my mindset into a positive way and that there will be bad days but it is totally OKAY to have them. Some days there will be a big bump and other days a small bump but I know that I can climb over them and overcome any challenges presented to me. 

Suzanne, I am very grateful to have spent these past few months chatting with you, you have changed my life completely.
Thank you for listening.

Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on.

Thank You for letting me cry out the pain.

Thank You for teaching me unforgettable lessons.

Most importantly Suzanne, Thank You for coaching me.

I am proud to say that I am super happy. “

-Ada Chow

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