Confidence Coaching Success Story with Emma Christison

“Earlier this year I had ended a long-term relationship, left a job I had been at for several years, was tentatively trying out living in Vancouver. I knew that I wanted a change in life but was extremely unsure about every aspect of my life. I felt anxious about the future, was constantly re-visiting the past, couldn’t make a decision, and was struggling with my self-worth. I also felt very depressed. I had tried seeing counsellors and therapists, and found I only felt worse after those visits. My sister reached out to Suzanne for me, and I agreed to check out her confidence coaching. I am so grateful I took the opportunity, because it has honestly changed my life.

Suzanne has a unique way of approaching people who are in need of help – instead of focusing on the past, Suzanne worked with me to recognize and improve upon my strengths and capabilities. Suzanne helped me re-frame how I think about the past and how to control my anxious thoughts. I can now say I am fully present day to day and understand how to live in the moment. I have never been so happy and had so much fun in my life – while also feeling confident, grounded, and at peace. I am able to make large life decisions with more ease and can see the positive in every situation. Suzanne taught me the importance of halting the inner critic, thinking positive thoughts, finding and following one’s passion, and sending positive vibrations to the universe. Once I started practicing all this, doors suddenly started opening for me and life felt a lot easier. The feelings of confidence, joy and happiness returned into my life.

Suzanne is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a brilliant example of a confident woman – she is unbelievably fun, extremely compassionate, incredibly smart … the list goes on and on. I would, and do, recommend Suzanne to everyone – if you are thinking about taking the step – DO IT. I know it’s hard to understand the process before having gone through it, but if you give Suzanne your commitment and trust the process – she will help you do wonders to take charge of your own life and help you become your true, authentic and confident self.


P.S. – Suzanne, I hadn’t given full thought to how much this process has helped me until now. Looking back to where I came from was really emotional – I am so genuinely thankful that I have returned to being someone I recognize and who feels like the (improved) person I know I am. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

~ Emma Christison

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