Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy has her very own Confidence Coach

For 5 year old Blue Ivy, growing up in the shadow of two musical titans will be no sweat for Blue Ivy, thanks to daily sessions with her very own confidence coach!
“When Blue was born, Beyoncé and Jay Z were committed to giving her all the self-esteem they themselves lacked as kids,” explains a source, revealing that several times a week, the power couple’s 5-year-old daughter undergoes therapy to test her mettle and work on her poise.
“The Confidence Coach uses drawing, dancing, singing, sculpture and child-centered books such as A Doll Like Me, I Like Myself! and Amazing Grace to build Blue up,” shares the insider.

“Like most kids, she used to be really shy, but now she’s so outgoing that other mom friends of Beyoncé want lessons for their girls too!”

Wouldn’t this world be an AMAZING place if all parents nurtured their daughter’s confidence? YES, it certainly would be!

Every little girl needs a Confidence Coach and I would love to be your daughter’s Coach and help her get a head start at an amazing, happy life!  😀 

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