In May 2009, I travelled to Toronto to film it at the CBC Studios, and thought I’d share my experience with you here.

I feel SO privileged that I was selected out of THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs!! I went to pitch the Dragons’ by myself and WOW, let me tell you, that experience was the ULTIMATE test in my confidence!!!

I wasn’t nervous throughout the day– until I entered the Dragons’ Den and started walking down the steep steps in my stilettos, and carrying my big display board, and a big purse full of high heels and my DVDs. The CBC studios are massive, and while I walked across the cold concrete floor, with blindingly bright spotlights shining in my eyes, the rhythmic click, clack, click, clack of my stilettos with every step I took, was echoing loudly, like some sort of like morris code letting everyone know I had arrived. It wasn’t until then that suddenly my nerves kicked it. WOAH -I’m really here, and I’m really doing it! It was such a powerful experience.

In just one year my High Heel Appeal has skyrocketed. The incredibly big goals that I set for myself were being achieved, and my dreams were coming true, and much quicker than I expected! (And it is only just the beginning 🙂

I went to The Dragon’s Den with 3 goals.

1) To gain investors

2) To gain the exposure for my businesses

3) To show people that having self-confidence can get you anywhere you want to be. I’m living my principles that I teach my clients and students.

My pitch aired on November 3rd, 2010 on CBC Television.

Here are some pics of the adventure. The picture of me with the martini glass is SO funny…I was out for dinner at Young & Dundas Square, at Milestones right after the filming, to celebrate the experience and the strangest/coolest thing…I ordered a blackberry martini and it came out with little high heels as a garnish!! WOAH –that’s a good sign!

I started both my businesses based on things that I am truly passionate about.
Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I am a very passionate person.
When you are doing what you love, your passion for it is obvious to others and that makes the difference between a rewarding career and a job. In addition to having passion it is imperative that we set goals for our self. Great achievements are the result of passion, SMARTER goal setting, commitment AND self-confidence.

I know firsthand the crucial steps required to set and achieve your goals and to live the life that you dream about. The life that you see other people living and think to yourself: “WOW, look at her/him, that’s amazing. But I could never do that.” But deep down you’ve always wondered what it would be like. The life you want to live is out there waiting for you. Whatever that incredible dream is that you have suppressed over the years, it CAN be achieved. It’s absolutely possible. I can help you get there!

I not only teach confidence, I live it!

I have created a presentation entitled: “Living Your Wildest Dreams: Through Goal Achievement & Confidence”

I teach  my audiences a new perspective on the how to discover their inner strength and confidence to live happier and more fulfilling lives. If you would like more to book me as a guest speaker to address your employees, or to speak at your networking group’s monthly luncheon, or for your next event, please contact me at:

Also check out my Absolute Speaker Series –Eight powerful and inspirational workshops on confidence related topics.

Whether for a group of 10 or 1,000 people, I will draw from my extensive background as a highly regarded expert in the area of confidence and self-esteem. I am a vibrant and engaging speaker who has spoken at numerous trade shows, conferences, networking events and workshops. I ABSOLUTELY love helping people better understand self-confidence and self-esteem.

Through my personal stories, exercises, role playing, conversation, and critical thinking, each presentation will prove to be informative and dynamic, leaving your audience inspired and empowered with powerful skills, fresh thinking and renewed energy.

Workshops can be customized to your organization’s requirements and based on the topics covered can range in length from a one hour to a half day workshop. Workshops can also be delivered on a stand-alone basis or as part of a larger program. .

Special requests are welcomed. Please contact Suzanne directly.

If you’re thinking about Confidence Coaching, please feel free to call or email me. I’d be happy to assist you in determining which program would be most beneficial to you in your life right now. Contact me today to discover your inner strength!

I can help you achieve the confidence and success you want.
You can change your life RIGHT NOW!

Suzanne Fetting
Telephone: 604.230.5538

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