6 TIPS~How to Find Your Voice, Speak Up For Yourself and Be Heard!

I LOVE to cook (and eat! 😉 ) I don’t LOVE to watch TV, but I do love watching Hell’s Kitchen
In that episode I show in my video below, Chef Gordon Ramsey reminds “Gizzy” to FIND and USE her voice.
She says: “Other people can be loud and confident and suck, but at least they’re being heard.”

Without using her voice and having confidence, she ending up losing the competition and missing out on the massive opportunity –she was sent home.
It’s heartbreaking. She TOTALLY sabotaged herself and her team by being fearful and doubting herself.

What you have to say IS IMPORTANT –YOU are IMPORTANT!
By not expressing yourself, you are sabotaging yourself!

I go into greater detail in my video all about “Find Your Voice, Speak Up For Yourself and Be Heard!”

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