5 Habits of a Confident Woman

Confidence is extremely important in every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it. That is why I decided to start my business as a Confidence Coach for women 10 years ago.

The truth is that our confidence is EVERYTHING and it has a BIG impact on how we live our life.
Being confident changes everything! Our relationships with people, how we communicate with others, our ability to get what we want from life, and our ability to create a much more successful working environment.

Women that are confident and happy with themselves will unconsciously and positively affect the people around them.

Have you ever noticed the girl that walks into the room and everyone notices her?
People are attracted and drawn to her and she easily strikes up conversations with anyone in the room.


When a confident person enters a room, people notice.
She exudes and projects self-awareness and self-respect. That confident woman will introduce herself to anyone, and engage everyone in conversation and make everyone feel welcomed and included.
Confident women also are in the habit of standing tall and proud and carrying themselves with absolute confidence.

Women who are confident are also happy, and they have a set of habits that create peace and fulfillment in their lives.
You can learn how to have these confident habits too, just as you can learn any other skill.

Here are my top 5 habits of a confident woman:

#1 ~ Use Positive Affirmations
Have several positive sentences that you repeat to yourself many times throughout your day.
It’s a very powerful way to program the subconscious mind and create action.
Use positive words to describe what you want to have happen and say it with feeling and conviction.

#2 ~Acknowledge Your Successes
Confident women make the time to recognize their successes and be grateful for what they have already accomplished in their lives. Make a list of all the successes, achievements and accomplishments, anything you are proud of yourself for, no matter how big or or how “small” they are. This is a powerful habit that will build your confidence as you are making the list and will be a great tool to look back and reflect on when you have moments of insecurity.

#3 ~ Take Risks and Take ACTION!
Your comfort zone is a boring, black box!
If you want major change in your life, you must change those self-limiting beliefs that have kept you from having what you’ve wanted in the past.
Try new things! Learn a new skill or try a new hobby. Don’t be worried about failure or rejection. Failure is an opportunity to learn. If it didn’t work out, figure out why, make some changes and try it again.

#4 ~ Ask yourself: “So what?”
Whenever you feel yourself holding back or when someone else is doing or saying something that affects your level of confidence, ask yourself this simple question: “So what?”

For example:
“I want to stand up for myself and say something, but they are going to disagree with me”
So what?
“I want to go to that event, but I’m scared that I won’t know very many people.”
So what?
“I might forget what to say next during a presentation.”
So what?

You’re basically saying to yourself…Who cares? And why do I need to care? Most people unnecessarily put way too much significance on the thoughts and opinions of other people. Generally speaking, people do not want to see you fail. When you are watching someone else give a presentation, you are not in the audience hoping that they make a mistake, right? People want to see you be successful too, so let your fear of being judged GO.

#5 ~ SMILE!
Confident women are happy women, so they smile!  😀
We all say a lot through our facial expressions. Our face tells others how interested we are, how alert we are, if we are in agreement or not, if we are confident or insecure, if we are upset, or happy or relaxed. The absolute best facial expression we can have is a smile …show others that you are confident and approachable and make a conscious effort to SMILE often.


If you would like help learning the habits of a confident woman, I can help you!

Please contact me today for a complimentary Confidence Coaching session!



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