Your “Inner Critic”

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July 22, 2012
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August 16, 2012

The inner critic is the negative voice or chatter that goes on inside our heads. We all talk to ourselves, it’s totally normal and everyone experiences it.
The inner critic is the all the negative self-talk, reminding you of your mistakes, weaknesses and failures. It is a confidence killer!

The inner critic usually doesn’t remind you of how well you’re doing or of what your strengths are. And regardless of how ridiculous the negative statements are, they always seem to be true. It can be scary because it has been part of you for so long and it knows how to push your buttons.

The great thing is that you do not have to believe or listen to those negative messages, and they can be re-programmed! When building your 'absolute confidence' it is absolutely essential to recognize, question and challenge the inner critic.

Your life will become totally different when YOU are the one controlling your mind instead of letting it control you.

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