Stress and Self-Confidence

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December 5, 2012
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It’s almost guaranteed that if you have low self-confidence that you will tend to experience more negative stress in your life, so conversely one of the ways to handle stress is by becoming more self-confident. When you learn to feel better about yourself and be more positive, you can change the way you deal with stress.
It's absolutely essential to be confident if you want to be more relaxed and able to handle stressful experiences effectively and relaxation is far easier when you are at ease with yourself, you do not then over complicate things or "sweat the small stuff".

Stress is a physical and emotional manifestation of being worried or unhappy about something. When the body is physically and emotionally healthy, it is much easier to live with stress. It may well be the case that low self-esteem and confidence can harm us. It can compromise our ability to handle the challenges that invariably come with daily living and therefore increase our experience of stress in everyday life.

Dealing with stress is something we all have to do, the magic part is in how we choose to do it and dealing with your own stress – please note the choice of words here, “dealing” NOT “coping”. Dealing puts keep your mind and mental process sharp and you will be better able to make judgements, assessments and decisions. In short, this puts you firmly back in control.

In order to start dealing with stress today the self-confidence acts to develop your self confidence, your “absolute confidence” is now at your fingertips all you need to do is apply them.

Here's a few of my tips for dealing with the stresses that are directly impacting your confidence:
# 1. Learn to say No.......and do not be tempted to over explain it. If you do not have time and space then it’s almost a dead cert that those around you take a little advantage knowing you like to please and help. If it starts to generate stress in your life because you no longer have the time to do what you need to, or have to may pulls in different directions then NO will be the fairest option. People won’t think any less of you, we are all used to hearing it occasionally, and it’s not personal. Be gentle but firm and start to take control of your life back.

#2. Slow down time............yes really, when you are in the heat of a stressful situation and everything is getting out of control and you really don’t know if you are coming or going, stop, stand still and take three deep breaths. Really deep, in through the nose, fill your lungs and then slowly exhale through your mouth. If it helps, you can even close your eyes for as moment. This simple action will slow things down, including your heart rate and it is one of the simplest things to do that gives you the moment of space and calm to get things back to a more normal place.

#3. Realize that it is NOT your problem! Take the superhero cape off my friend, your helping sometimes is not helping at all, you or them. Take a step back and allow others to help or choose not to get involved and it can help you manage your own stress when you do not instantly get involved in other peoples.

Three easy things to do to start building your ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE and reducing your stress right now, so what are you waiting for?


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