Powerful and inspirational workshops on confidence related topics!

Suzanne Fetting is passionate about life and lives her daily life engaged in activities requiring ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE. She not only teaches confidence, she lives it!

Whether for a group of 10 or 1,000 people, Suzanne will draw from her extensive background as a highly regarded expert in the area of confidence and self-esteem. She is a vibrant and engaging speaker who has spoken at numerous trade shows, conferences, networking events and workshops. She ABSOLUTELY loves helping people better understand and develop their confidence.

Through personal stories, powerful exercises, role playing, interactive conversation, and critical thinking, each presentation will prove to be informative and dynamic, leaving your audience inspired and empowered with powerful skills, fresh thinking and renewed energy.

Talks and workshops can be customized to your organizations requirements and based on the topics covered can range in length from a one hour to a half day workshop. They can also be delivered on a stand-alone basis or as part of a larger program. For inquires please contact Suzanne

FEAR Interferes with Your Confidence & How to Overcome It

Most women are intimately familiar with the antithesis of confidence: FEAR.

There is a fabric of fear that underpins a women’s daily professional life: fear of speaking up, not being liked, rejection, conflict, imperfection, looking stupid, being judged, etc.

Fear is a normal human emotion, but it can become all consuming and debilitating when it is not managed, and as a result, takes control of your mind and your ability to go after what you really want and deserve.

This talk is focused on giving women insight into fear, its negative effects, and how it relates to confidence so that they can understand fears massive negative impact, how to overcome it and create opportunities and start living an awesome life!


  • What fear really is
  • The biology of fear
  • How fear negatively affects you and your body
  • 5 most common fears that destroy confidence
  • 3 steps to overcoming your anxieties and fears

Learn how to create your life based on what you want, instead of what you fear!



How to Take the CON Out Of Your CONfidence

Everyone talks to themselves  --unfortunately most women consistently use very negative words that create negative results and negative circumstances in their lives.

The Inner Critic is that negative voice that goes on inside our minds.
It’s that bully in your mind that does all of the following:

  • judges you negatively
  • compares you to other people
  • expects you to be perfect
  • scolds you for your mistakes
  • reminds you of your mistakes
  • lies to you

It's extremely important to be aware of your Inner Critic and to learn how to control your Inner Critic instead of it controlling YOU!

This talk will give women insight into:

  • What the Inner Critic is
  • Where it comes from
  • How it negatively affects all aspects of your life
  • 4 steps to taming your Inner Critic

Learn how to control your Inner Critic, instead of it controlling YOU!




Stand Up & Speak Up  –go from DoorMAT to Door PRIZE !

~Do you hide your feelings and not ask for what you want because you are afraid of how others might react?
~Do you often say yes, when deep down you would rather say no?
~Do you feel overwhelmed and underappreciated?
~Are you scared to speak up for yourself and share your thoughts and opinions?
~Are you struggling to find time to take care of yourself and to do the things that matter to you?
~Are you tired of being the door mat and ready to be the door PRIZE???

In this talk we will focus on the characteristics of an assertive woman, explore what currently prevents you from speaking up for yourself and sharing your thoughts and opinions, while learning practical tips and techniques for being assertive.

Assertiveness involves actively expressing our thoughts, opinions and needs, while respecting the rights of others. It is the 10th Component of Confidence and is an absolutely essential skill to create clarity and happiness in both our work lives and in our personal lives.


  • What Assertiveness IS and is NOT
  • Why Women Struggle to Say No
  • Approval Addiction- How to Overcome It
  • Importance of Setting Confident Boundaries
  • The Assertiveness Behaviour Styles
  • 5 Absolute Assertive Techniques
  • How to Effectively Say “No”

Learn how to stop being the doorMAT and start being the door PRIZE