Self-limiting Beliefs

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Self-belief is the thoughts you have about yourself.

The really interesting thing about beliefs is that we are not born with any. They begin to develop as soon as we are born. Our parents, grandparents, teachers, siblings, boyfriends, and friends give us our beliefs. Then, as we grown up and go through our life, we create our own new beliefs changing some of the old ones. But most people hold onto some old beliefs from their childhood, which are the most limiting.
If you had parents that yelled and screamed at you and told you - “You can’t do that.” “You’re stupid.” Or if they made you feel like you were a bad child, that belief is engrained into your belief system and will limit your level of confidence if you do not reprogram it into an empowering belief.
Your beliefs are also known as the inner critic, or that little relentless, negative voice in your head that repeats itself over and over and tells you crap like: "I'm not good enough." -, "I can't do it."-, “I’m not smart enough”-, “I’m not worthy of that” and "I’m not lovable."

Many people are all too familiar with those kinds of beliefs. Many people repeat negative statements in their minds frequently without even being aware that they are doing it. People will repeat negative words and statements about the situations and events in their lives and as a result bring undesirable emotions and situations upon themselves.

It is so incredibly important that we have positive beliefs about ourselves for, two reasons:

Reason #1: Positive beliefs give you positive emotions and negative (limiting) beliefs give you negative
emotions. By changing our beliefs we change our thoughts and emotions.

Reason #2: Beliefs always come true. What you believe is what you experience.
If you believe you will be successful at your new job, you will be. If you believe you are not good enough
or your boss doesn’t like you, you will not be successful.

And having these doubtful thoughts (limiting beliefs) about yourself is blocking you from making progress.
Since beliefs always come true, you need positive beliefs and positive thoughts about overcoming your
insecurities, because if you believe that you will never overcome your insecurities, you will not.

Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts
Your Thoughts Become Your Words
Your Words Become Your Actions
Your Actions Become Your Results

Your beliefs directly affect your actions because we all take actions based on our beliefs. When you have self-limiting beliefs about your ability to achieve high levels of confidence, happiness and success, then you will automatically limit the actions you take. When you limit the actions you take, you limit the levels of confidence, happiness and success you can have.

Most people are WAY too attached to their beliefs and think things like: “It’s just who I am” or “I heard it all the time, so it must be true.” As a result, you are keeping yourself hostage in your own comfort zone and trapping yourself in your fears. Many people spend way too much time and energy supporting and defending their beliefs, which are usually limiting and based in fear.

Change Your Beliefs ... Change Your LIFE!

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