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E-Book – “The 10 Components of Confidence”
October 14, 2011
Overcoming Shyness
October 24, 2011

Body confidence is extremely important as negative body image can affect women of all ages. It is
reported that in North America today, almost 90% of women are unhappy with the way they look.

Recognize that advertisements are sales pitches.
Advertisers have women believing that there's something wrong with normal bodies when the truth is that
healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

Avoid comparing yourself to other women.
When we do so, we see all their positives attributes. When we look at ourselves, we see how imperfect
we are. It doesn't make you feel better. Instead use that energy and focus on accepting yourself.

#3- When you look good, you feel good.
Learn how to feel pretty and experiment with make-up and cute outfits that compliment your body shape.

Stop talking about your weight.
If you negatively self-talk about yourself, you are hurting yourself.
You are programming your subconscious mind by doing so and your negative feelings are reinforced and
further internalized.

Discover other ways to feel good about yourself besides physical appearance.
Explore your talents, take a class, or join a social group and meet some new people.

Focus on your health instead of your appearance.
Be sure that you are eating well, getting exercise, and taking time to relax.

Learn to accept the way you look.
You will feel better about your body, your confidence will increase and you will begin to carry yourself with
confidence. How you carry yourself is ultimately more important than how you look.

Working with a Confidence Coach is an extremely effective way to develop a positive body image
and body confidence, and to examine and adjust the beliefs and fears that may be preventing you
from having Absolute Confidence.

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